Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Monday done....glad about

Let's see...over the weekend we went shopping at the Galleria Mall in Dallas.

That was very exciting. Spent way too much money, but hell, you can't take it with you right!

We did get a new HD camcorder. It is awesome!

I am wanting to make all kinds of movies now.....Not like I had to be forced

Anyway, so be on the look out for new movies in HD!!

I do have a new movie up...all the ANAL you could ever want. With an ANAL creampie, PUSSY creampie and a nice CUMSHOT in my mouth! This is the best movie yet...DO NOT MISS THIS ONE FOR SURE!!!!

Have a most wonderful Tuesday!

Hugs & Kisses,


Oh yea, My update for Wed.....Kissy and I hanging out on the balcony...and what did we discover...the neighbor watching of course we had to give him a show :) Check it out!

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